Finest Low Starch Potato Substitutes

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5 wholesome, scrumptious potato substitutes which might be non-starchy with very comparable texture for all of your low-carb, gut-healing, or keto-inspired dishes.

As I used to be selecting up greens at our native farm final weekend, I observed a vegetable I hadn’t cooked in a really very long time….kohlrabi.

With my husband on the complete GAPS food regimen for greater than 5 years now (and starting to reintroduce meals efficiently!), I instantly checked my GAPS authorized meals checklist for this attractive purple crucifer to make sure it was nonstarchy to fulfill his dietary wants.

Yay! I discovered it was a-ok, so I scooped some up for my house broth-making endeavors within the coming week.

Why Use a Potato Substitute?

There are a few the explanation why you may want to think about using potato substitutes repeatedly on the house menu.

First, avoiding starchy potatoes is a should in case you are consuming low-carb or following a keto protocol for a time to lose a couple of kilos rapidly.

Secondly, in case you have any form of intestine points, you will need to skip white and candy potatoes (additionally very starchy) within the food regimen.

Starch could be very onerous to digest for these with any kind of digestive points. It tends to digest incompletely when the intestine is imbalanced, leaving plentiful meals for pathogens to strengthen and crowd out the nice flora.

In a nutshell, avoiding starch, no less than within the quick time period, is vital to heal/seal the intestine wall and restore the integrity of the enterocytes and the probiotic flora that nourish them…the gatekeepers of our immune system.

For individuals who have hassle digesting starch or are in any other case consuming low-carb to drop a couple of kilos, a great potato substitute that imparts an analogous texture is a should in my expertise to keep away from cravings that would derail the therapeutic course of.

Low Starch Potato Options

Earlier than I establish the 5 greatest options to potatoes, I wish to make clear that potatoes are a wholesome, conventional meals.

Simply because you might want to keep away from potatoes for some time because of digestive or different well being points doesn’t make them unhealthy!

It simply signifies that you might want to go a distinct path dietarily to get to a more healthy model of your self.

In our house, my husband doesn’t eat white or candy potatoes because of following the GAPS food regimen.

Nevertheless, my kids and I eat them continuously.

So, when I’m making ready a meal that features potatoes, I take care so as to add a aspect dish of one in all these potato substitutes under in order that my husband can benefit from the texture of starch with out the precise starch.


purple and green kohlrabi on a wooden counter

Kohlrabi is a cruciferous vegetable that makes an exquisite sub for potatoes at any meal.

Simply make sure to all the time prepare dinner it!

Cruciferous greens are greatest by no means eaten uncooked because of the excessive goitrogenic points that negatively have an effect on the thyroid and block the uptake of iodine.

The warmth from cooking deactivates roughly two-thirds of those substances in kohlrabi, rendering it extra digestible in addition to thyroid-safe.

My favourite strategy to put together is to toss one or two right into a pot of simmering pot of home made meat inventory for a one-pot meal.

When your inventory and slow-cooked meat are prepared, so are your veggies!


half dozen turnips with greens white background

Turnips look a bit like purple kohlrabi, however are distinguished by a combined purple and white look.

As well as, turnips have the greens coming off the highest in a single spot. This compares to kohlrabi which has a single stalk rising out of a number of locations on the foundation.

The turnip has a novel taste that takes some getting used to in accordance with my style buds.

My husband and one in all my boys completely love the flavour of turnips, however I’m not a fan. I discover the flavour extremely sturdy and a bit unpleasant even after cooking.

Whereas my husband likes to simmer them in a pot of home made bone broth, I choose to cut and roast them individually in butter. To me, the sturdy turnip taste simply turns into infused with broth or soups to damaging impact.

In brief, turnips are undoubtedly a private desire! However, simply because I don’t take care of them, don’t be postpone. You may love them!

In the event you prepare dinner for the entire household, one of many different decisions on this checklist might be a good suggestion to please everybody.


peeled rutabega as potato substitutes on counter

A lot sweeter and milder than turnips and kohlrabi, rutabaga is my favourite potato substitute.

Authorized for all phases of the GAPS food regimen, this nonstarchy root vegetable even seems to be like a potato when peeled and able to prepare dinner.

You possibly can peel, chop and boil them till delicate after which mash with butter and milk to make low-starch mashed potatoes.

One other tasty choice is to peel, chop and roast rutabaga within the oven with butter, sea salt, and pepper till delicate for a baked potato-style aspect dish.


rainbow of cauliflower florets as healthy potato alternative on straw tablecloth

Cauliflower is maybe the most well-liked low-starch potato substitute that’s most generally out there in supermarkets.

In case you are consuming low carb to heal leaky intestine, nonetheless, notice that cauliflower florets solely are permitted for all 6 levels of the GAPS Intro Food plan.

GAPS Intro Food plan levels 3-6 incorporate cauliflower stalks as nicely. (1)

Maintain this in thoughts if you happen to want to use this tasty crucifer as your potato substitute of alternative.

Cauliflower mash (simply chop, steam till delicate, and mash with butter, sea salt and pepper) might be the best-known dish for low carbers who’re avoiding white and candy potatoes.

Cauliflower rice is one other fave as a aspect dish.

Word that like kohlrabi, cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable. Thus, it ought to solely be consumed totally cooked to cut back goitrogenic substances that negatively have an effect on thyroid perform.


celeriac with greens as white potato substitute on wooden counter

Maybe the least recognized of the potato options, celeriac is a superb choice to think about.

Like cauliflower stems, celeriac is reserved for the later levels of GAPS when some intestine therapeutic has occurred. (1)

Nevertheless, take pleasure in it anytime as a potato sub in case you are low-carb for weight administration functions solely.

As you could have guessed from the title, celeriac is definitely the foundation bulb of the celery plant.

Therefore, it’s extra widespread title … celery root.

Thus, in case you have your personal backyard, rising celery is sensible. You should utilize the whole plant from root to stem to leaves.

Regardless of the recognition of celery, celeriac is definitely pretty unknown to most individuals!

The wonderful thing about it’s that it’s fit for human consumption uncooked too, in contrast to different potato substitutes like kohlrabi and cauliflower, which should be totally cooked.

One other tip. Celeriac tastes loads like parsnips, which isn’t allowed at any of the 6 stages of Intro GAPS and even the common GAPS Food plan because of its increased starch content material. (2, 3)

Thus, in case you are on this gut-healing food regimen and miss parsnips in addition to potatoes, celeriac is unquestionably a sensible choice as an alternative choice to each!

healthy no starch potato substitutes for keto diet


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